Whether you are a new Christian or you want to renew your commitment, there are steps you can take today to start living a life that pleases God. In Holy Life, L. Santos takes the guesswork out of finding the answers to the pivotal questions, How am I to act, behave, and think in this world? and, How should I live my life to demonstrate that I have repented and turned to God? 

In the midst of a culture that is increasingly influencing the church and the way Christians interpret the Bible, Santos presents an unbiased, biblical description of what God desires from His people. Full of Scripture references and quotations, Holy Life is perfect for individual or group study. A list of key terms makes it easy to quickly reference important topics, such as:

 Your relationship with God
 The fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit
 How to be in but not of the world
 Love and correction of other believers
 Spiritual maturity
 And more!

The way to progress in our spiritual lives is to spend time with God and in His Word. The longer we spend developing a relationship with Him, the more we will become like Him. He will then impart more grace and knowledge into our lives, allowing us to live holy lives.

Set in an alternate universe on the planet Whell, Jae is an Otism on a quest set by his dying mother to discover the meaning of a mysterious riddle, "Out of one comes death, out of another life". He must discover it before she dies and thus begins a race to discover the truths his mother desperately seeks. This is a fantasy adventure that will take the reader through spectacular landscapes not of this world, meeting creatures of another dimension. Lacking the confidence of youth, naive and anxious, Jae begins to find that the journey becomes part of the answer to not only the riddle, but to his own life. He learns of the true nature of others, including himself, and makes profound new friendships that gradually lead him to unravel the meaning to the riddle. Powerful forces lie in his path forcing decisions that will affect his destiny and threaten those he has grown to love. A wise old prophet points Jae towards a clue in the unsettled City of Mundon, a hiding place of "The Book of All Answers". Royal betrayal and political upheaval shake Jae's efforts to retrieve what he came for, but eventually, he makes a remarkable discovery - one that will change the world he lives.